Why Did I Want To Become a Therapist?

hannah-tims-594336-unsplash.jpgA lot of people ask others why they wanted to be whatever their profession is. “Why did you want to be a teacher?” “Why did you want to be a police officer?” “Why did you want to become a therapist?” To be honest, I didn’t know I wanted to be a therapist until I had to decide what I was going to do after I graduated college.

In high school, when I was applying to colleges, I knew from the start I wanted to major in Psychology. I found it fascinating, and I wanted to know how and why people were the way they were. I was intrigued by what shaped people. Is it the environment, is it innate? I was not sure and I wanted to learn more. As I began my college career, I started taking all of the required psychology courses, and that’s when I realized…psychology is a broad major. There were so many different areas of psychology that I didn’t even know existed, but I did know that I wanted to help people.


I remember that I was getting into my senior year of college and I realized “What am I going to do with with this Psychology degree?” I knew that I wanted to do something in the realm of helping people, but was not sure how I was going to achieve that. I was in the Peer Education program at SDSU, and that’s when I really started to learn more about the different helping professions within the mental health field. There were different options such as getting a PhD, a Psy D., an MSW, an MFT, etc.  When I first found out about an MFT degree, I was hesitant. I did not want to really work with marriage or families, but then I realized that MFTs don’t only work with those populations.

naphtali-marshall-13585-unsplashI wanted to work with athletes of all different calibers. I was an athlete for so long, and I wanted to help support those in a way that I wasn’t being supported. I want to help those reach their fullest potential, I want to help assist those who may not be able to go to their coach or teammates for guidance. I get it, when it comes to athletics there are so many factors that impact the game. Whether it be something that is mentally blocking you, or recovering from an injury, I want to be one of the props that allow you to become the best athlete that you could be. This is not to say that I don’t want to work with those who are non-athletes. I want to collaborate with anyone who wants to be better, whether it be hesitance towards the future, or dwelling on the past. I want to build people up, and encourage them through their journey.

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